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How To Avoid Counting Sheep

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One of the hardest things to come by as a busy adult is a good night’s sleep. Everything in life is go-go-go and with 24/7 access to eBay, it can be really hard to switch off – especially when there’s something you’re bidding on. Feelings of anxiety due to work and relationship stress, worries about the kids at school and even the blue light technology from the screens on your phones and tablets are all ways our sleep is interrupted. We need sleep; there’s no getting away from that fact, and if you want a well-functioning body, you need to rest. Think of yourself like a Sim: without that full rest that you need, you won’t work!

So, how can you get back into a regular sleep schedule where you can get enough sleep each night to feel rested and alive the next morning?

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Schedule It! The only way you are going to get your body as rested as you need it to be is to schedule your sleep. If you need to get seven hours of sleep to feel human, then go to bed seven hours before your alarm is set. If you do this regularly enough, your body will come to expect the times that you get into bed and wake up, and you’ll naturally begin to feel sleepy at a certain time. You need to schedule it in so that you actually stick to it, though!

Environment. A big issue when it comes to sleep is the wrong environment. Sleeping with electronics in the room can be an issue, if you are putting off sleeping by staring at your phone for hours on end. You also need to hang Montgomery ready made curtains to keep the light out, while also adding quality bedding to the bed. You can colour match these in soothing colours. The textures in the room are going to make you feel like your sleep space is one that can keep you rested and relaxed, the whole time.

Routine. With the kids, you cultivate a drink –book –  bath – bed routine from an early age. Why should your life be any different? Have a warm drink (not tea or coffee!), a hot shower or bath and fresh pyjamas before bed every single night. Doing this gets your body feeling prepared and rested for the night ahead. Leave your smartphone outside the bedroom if you can; there’s no need to ruin your careful routine by staring at Facebook while in bed.

Relax. Removing the anxiety from your mind before you lay down is so important to drift off properly. Meditate, learn to relax your muscles and find that happy place in your mind where you can set up camp and allow your body to go off to sleep.

Getting a good sleep is so important for your body to function correctly, and the more you put into it the more you will get out of it, so don’t waste time on your sleep routine!


This is a collaborative post

this is a collaborative post

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