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Sweet Dreams – The Luxury of A Good Mattress

If you had asked me twenty years ago what my idea of a good night was I would have most likely said going to the pub straight after work, then heading off to a club before grabbing a takeaway on the way home. At 22 I wasn’t particularly keen on spending too much time catching up on my beauty sleep – my mattress was the thing I fell onto at a ridiculous time of the morning, grabbing an hour or so’s kip before dragging myself out again to head to work for the day. Ahh, those carefree days, hey? 

Now, if you were to ask me what my idea of a good night is then I will tell you straight – an early night in bed curled up under a snuggly duvet watching a series on Netflix or Amazon or reading a good book. That, my friends, is my idea of heaven nowadays.

But, for a while now, bed hasn’t been my favourite place to retreat to at the end of the day. Since the latest flare-up of this ongoing issue with my back, I’ve found that my bed is really quite uncomfortable and I often wake up in pain. 

Part of the reason for this is the age of our mattress. At Eight years old it has definitely reached the end of its recommended lifespan. It is now more lumpy and bumpy than comfy, and just this week, thanks to my children using it as a trampoline, one of the springs sprung.

To be honest I think I would get a better night’s sleep on the sofa than on our bed right now. Something needs to be done to make my bed my happy place to relax in once again. We need to buy a new mattress as soon as possible.

A decent mattress isn’t exactly the cheapest purchase – and nor should it be for all the sleeping you will do in it over the space of 8 – 10 years. We had plans to change our mattress either later this year or early next year, but now that one of the springs has gone and, of course, the issue with my back, we’ve had to bring those plans forward.

Thankfully there are so many different places to buy exceptional quality mattresses from nowadays.  Sites such as Groupon can save you a lot of money on high-end mattresses; even on the orthopaedic ones which, quite often, can be eye-wateringly expensive.

So I think my weekend is going to be spent choosing a mattress and, maybe, a lovely topper too. And then very soon I will hopefully be able to enjoy the luxury of getting an early night and snuggling in my nice comfy bed again. Bliss!


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At different times in your life, you’re likely to find that you change, grow, and generally feel like a completely different person to what you once were. And that’s just a natural part of life. Nothing is ever really permanent – even if it sometimes feels like it might be. Because in reality, you’re going to find that everything changes so much more often than you could ever imagine. And it’s very much a part of life. So, don’t ever feel too surprised when something that you once thought was perfect and an essential part of your life, no longer appears to be. This can especially be the case when it comes to your home.


When you first buy a house, you always get excited and finally feel like you’ve found ‘the one’. But as you grow, and especially as your family grows or your life changes direction, this may no longer be the case. So just a few short years later, you may find that you’re not happy. When this is the case, you’re going to need to make a change in order for things to feel right. Because you deserve to be in a house that feels like home. So the ultimate question that you need to ask yourself here is – should you stay or should you go?


Work Out What’s Wrong


It’s important that you’re able to find yourself the perfect balance in life. Not only between work and home, but also between what you need and what you want – because both can often conflict. So, your first port of all here is to work out where the issues in your current home lie, and what need to happen in order for them to be put right.


Consider The Alterations You Can Make


Your first port of all is going to be to think about any alterations you can make to your home as it is now. If you have identified space or decor as the issue, then you should definitely think about things like extending, converting rooms, and even changing the interior layout. Of course, you are going to want to consult your budget here, just to make sure that you can make it work. But if you do love your area, the style of house, or even the yard, then you should try to do what you can to stay and not go.


Get A Valuation


If you’re not really sure what you can do to make improvements, or you just want to weigh up the two options, you’re going to want to discover what your property is worth. By making sure that you get a pre-sale house inspection from somewhere such as at the same time, then you’ll know where you stand. It’s important to do both, just to see if there is anything that will affect the value, sale, or require you to do work. When you have your valuation, you can then weigh up whether you want to sell just yet or not.


Scour The Market


Next, you’re going to want to make sure that you check the market to see what’s currently available. You may not even find anything that you think has potential, and even getting this far can confirm to you that you should stay where you are.


Consider A Fixer-Upper


But at the same time, you may also want to think about getting a fixer-upper. If your house isn’t in the right area or isn’t in a style that you like, then getting a fixer-upper in the right place or style and making it your own as talks through, could be the perfect solution for you.


Do Your Own Thing


If you’re really struggling to find an answer that feels right, then you could also consider doing it yourself. To build your own house, you might be looking at a lot of work, but you are also going to find that you get to create the exact house and design of your dreams. So while it may take time, this could be the right option.


Invest In What You’ve Got


And finally, don’t completely write off your own place. It’s often a good idea to put more time into your place before you make the rash decision to move. You should definitely talk to a contractor or even an interior designer or landscaper and see if you can get some fresh ideas. Depending on what your issues are, you might be surprised by the amount of work that you can actually do to totally transform the space and be glad that you stayed put.


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Saving up for that dream home is becoming more of a challenge for ordinary people as property prices continue to soar. Fortunately, there are other ways to afford the home of your dreams. Here are just a few alternative strategies.


Consider a self-build


Building your own home might sound considerably expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The cost of the land is the biggest factor to consider – if you’re able to find cheap buildable land (or are lucky enough to inherit land) you could save a lot of money. Building your own home not only allows you to include every dream feature you’d like, you can also incorporate some green improvements such as solar panels and insulation that could save you money in energy bills in the future. As with normal properties, you can take out a self-build mortgage – although the down payment is generally larger (20% in most cases). A self-build can be time-consuming too, often taking a minimum of nine months to construct, so you may want to factor in the cost of temporary living whilst building (many people have to sell their previous property to afford the down payment).


Buy a fixer-upper


Fixer-uppers are properties in poor condition that are often very cheap as a result. Those with the patience could consider buying one of these properties and remodelling – you could even treat the property as a blank canvas. Going DIY could save you a lot of money on doing the property up, but you may be able to find relatively affordable handyman services to help you. A fixer-upper doesn’t even have to be an existing house – some people have bought barns, warehouses and even water towers, transforming them into homes.


Turn your dream home into a business


You could help to fund your dream home by turning it into a business opportunity. You could afford luxury real estate by renting it out as a holiday home to other people throughout most of the year to help pay off the mortgage. Alternatively, you could find a lodger to stay with you and make a bit of extra money. You could even run your property as a b&b. There may even be other options such as renting space out as storage for other people, selling off land or renting a building out to someone else as an office or place for events.


Joint buy your dream home


Buying property alone is a huge challenge. However, if you’re able to put in money with other people, you could afford something bigger and better. Whilst many people buy property with a partner, it’s also possible to buy property with family members and friends. On top of all contributing to the down payment, you can all help to pay off the bills and mortgage payments.


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So many people ignore the way in which their home looks and functions on the outside. In a way, that’s understandable because the indoors matter more; that’s where you spend time and live your life. However, it’s important to make sure that the exterior is looked after because this is what people see from the outside and that’s when first impressions are set. So here are some essential care tips for your home’s exterior.


Stay on Top of Your Deck


First of all, you need to work hard on your deck area because there are lots of small problems that can arise if you’re not careful to spot them and fix them quickly. You need to stay on top of the dirt on the deck, so invest in a power washer to keep it clean. You also need to look for cracks and splinters that can be repaired of smoothed over.

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Fill Any Gaps You Spot


When you spot a gap or crack in your home, you need to take action to fill it up right away. For the most part, this is something you can do with caulk. This is important because it can prevent things like infestations and leaks, which is really important. Inspect the exterior of your home and go for it right away. It could save you from having to deal with big problems later.


Check Your Roof Properly and Regularly


Your roof could be badly damaged without you even really knowing about it because you can’t see up there until you actually get up there. That’s why roof problems can get so bad before action is taken. It’s something that you should really work to avoid, and all you need in order to do that is a decent ladder. Get up there with regularity and look at the condition of your roof.


Unblock the Drains as Soon as You Can


Dealing with blocked drains is never any fun, but it’s something that you have to do because if you don’t, it could cause your home huge problems. It can even lead to structural problems that come from standing water. So, you should take a look at the drains regularly and have them cleared out if there are any problems there. This can be a particular issue after storms.

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Don’t Let a Damaged Drive Damage Your Car


It’s easy to sustain damage to your driveway, so it’s something that you should work on and fix as soon as you notice a minor problem. Those minor holes and cracks in your drive can easily develop into bigger problems, and that’s when they can easily cause damage to your car. Contact a professional if you don’t know how to fix these kinds of problems.


The outside of your home should be treated with as much care and attention as the inside of your home, and now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time for you to start paying a little more attention to these things mentioned above. So, get to work and put your home in better shape than it’s in now.


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If you’ve lived your entire life in the UK, then it’s possible you’re a little bit too close to the country to see what it’s really like. If you take one step back, it doesn’t take long before you realize that, hey, this little island of ours is a mish-mash of oddness and eccentricity. Of course, this is normally a good thing! While many of have dreams of moving to a far-flung island in the sun, the truth is that there’s a lot we’d all miss if we ever left for good, as the examples below show.



A Cup of Tea


We’ve been indoctrinated in Britain, don’t you know? If you travel elsewhere, you’ll quickly come to learn that us Brits place a level of importance on tea that can be generously be called ‘quaint.’ If we weren’t generous, we might say that we have an obsession that borders on the pathological. Whether it’s eight in the morning or ten at night, there’s always room in the schedule for a good cup of tea. We’re not sure if it’s just us, but it does seem to have some magical powers that can make anything and everything alright.


Our Advanced Language


People from overseas have a misunderstanding of the language we speak in England. They think it’s ‘English’; but how true is this? There’s a massive difference in the way a person from London speaks, and the way a person from Liverpool speaks. If you venture into Scotland, then things become even more different. The number of English proverbs, accents, and slang words you can hear in everyday life can make it extraordinarily difficult for an outsider to keep up with. Make a note of everything you’re saying – and how you’re saying it – the next time you’re with your friends, and you’ll see just how much of a product of your home you are.




If we were somehow able to tally it up, we’d probably find that the most common word spoken in Britain is ‘sorry.’ We’re also sure this would top the list of “most incorrectly used word,” too. It’s not that we’re not sympathetic and don’t know when we’re done wrong, it’s just that we’ve changed the meaning of the word. We say sorry as we’re trying to squeeze past a person to grab some milk! How did this happen? No-one knows…but we do know that when you’re genuinely sorry, you really need to drive the point home.


Saturday Night


Is there anything more British than a Saturday night in the pub? We have a theory about this. In other countries, the weather is warm – they can sit out on the porch or whatever. In Britain, no dice. If we don’t want to be cooped up inside all day, we have to go out – and the logical step is to visit the pub, the communities “communal living room.”


We’re an odd bunch, but lovably odd – and we wouldn’t change it for the world (except maybe some sun…).


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