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A Wish List for a Cottage Garden That Needs a Little TLC

When I viewed our house for the first time I was immediately blown away by the garden – well, blown away by the potential that the garden had. It was a mature cottage garden, someone had obviously shown it a lot of love in the past, but had been neglected for several years.

When we moved into the house I had such grand plans for taking the garden back to the quintessential English cottage garden it obviously once was. 

And for the first year that we lived here, we spent most of our gardening time tidying up the areas of neglect and just observing really. Observing the natural changes, and growing patterns over the space of the year. 

But then the garden became a bit too much for me to deal with. This was for two reasons mainly. Firstly; I didn’t have the horticultural knowledge needed, and secondly, I didn’t have the time to devote to it (or to be more specific, I didn’t organise my time well enough).

Fast forward to this summer and while we have maintained the garden, it has been to the bare minimum – so lawns mowed, weeding etc. I certainly haven’t helped it to reach its full potential. 

A Wish List for a Garden That Needs a Little TLC - Alliums

Photo by Richard Loader on Unsplash

But now that I technically have much more time on my hands during the week I hope that I will be able to give the garden the care and attention it deserves.

And as with all great plans, I have been putting together a pretty epic English Cottage Garden themed Pinterest board over the past few months.

A Wish List for a Garden That Needs a Little TLC - Planters

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

I plan on planting some bulbs this autumn ready for next year – alliums, poppies, peonies and hollyhocks (my favourite), among others. Already I have been planning in my bullet journal and deciding on where to plant, what plants to group together, and what accessories I would like to include – a hodgepodge of different types of containers for a herb garden by the back door is high on my list of wants, as are the stunning glass cloches below, and this little hedgehog house from John Lewis too. 

Glass Dome from GBC Group

Obviously, a cottage garden is not a look that can be achieved overnight, but now that I have a bit more time to devote to it when spring and summer roll around next year it will hopefully start to look like it has been shown the love and care a garden of its type deserves. 

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