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8 Small but Positive Steps to Get your Mojo Back

mojo  – noun  

UK   /ˈməʊ.dʒəʊ/ US   /ˈmoʊ.dʒoʊ/ informal

She’s definitely lost her mojo.
Has anyone seen my mojo, I appear to have mislaid it.
Have you ever lost your mojo? I have. Several times in fact. It’s a pretty common occurrence that happens to all of us, at some point or another, isn’t it? And I don’t think it has to take much for that mojo to go walkabout either. 
In the past, my mojo has disappeared because of big life events, such as when I was between jobs, or in those first few months of parenthood,  and towards the end of a particularly toxic relationship. And then there are the times it went when I least expected it – because why would you expect to lose your mojo when you feel like you have your shit together both personally and professionally? But, hey, it happens. 
It’s definitely something that has happened to me. I feel as if I was missing my mojo, missing that spark that made me me, for well over a year, perhaps even two. I wrote about The Fear back in April 2016 and reading it today I realise that it is as relevant to me now as it was back then.
Back then I had been feeling pretty positive about myself, about my home life and my professional life… and then slowly but surely I got the Fear and even though I acknowledged it, it still continued to gnaw away at me. And that was when my mojo went – I lost my motivation to better myself, and while I occasionally tried to get some of that motivation back it never lasted for long, and I feel as if I had been running on autopilot ever since.
So, what changed? 
I think it took for me to address the issue of my anxiety at the start of this year to help me make the small but positive changes in my life that I’ve listed below which, in turn, has helped bring back some of that spark I mentioned earlier. 

8 Small but Positive Steps to Get your Mojo Back

  1. Acknowledge what’s wrong – it’s easy to drift along in some sort of semi-catatonic state, just going through the motions of day to day life. It was only when I hurt my back at the end of last year, which in turn made my anxiety peak, that I realised that I had been in this sort of apathetic limbo for a very long time. It was like an emotional lightbulb moment.
  2. Move – I don’t mean move home – that would be a bit extreme! I mean move your body. Exercise if you can, or just get out for a walk every day. I joined the gym at the start of the year and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’ve still got a lot of wobbly bits (and probably always will) but I feel so much better physically, and mentally, than I have done in years. 
  3. Absorb some vitamin D – okay, I’m writing this on officially the 3rd properly sunny day of the year, so good quality vitamin D has been in short supply until now. But getting out into the sunshine is such a mood changer – even just five minutes can make a difference. Of course in winter months when that natural source of vitamin D is in short supply don’t forget to supplement it with vitamins.
  4. Everything in moderation – whenever I get into one of these slumps I invariably find that I want to face plant ALL the greasy food, and my wine consumption increases considerably too. Which of course, the following day, leads to a sore head, a foul mood,  a lot of carb loading, and a desire to sit in my pj’s and watch Keeping up with the Kardashians until bedtime.  Now I have cut back on my drinking I find I wake up in the morning with a clear head, and feeling more positive about the day ahead. 
  5. Give your brain a workout – Get the old grey matter sparking again. For most of last year, it felt like I had nothing but cotton wool in that big space between my ears. I was incapable of finishing a book or concentrating on a task. This year I have made the effort to focus on using my brain cells. I’ve read three books from start to finish (that’s a huge accomplishment for me) and I am doing an online course too. But it doesn’t have to be something like a course to give your brain a daily workout – it could be something as simple as doing the crossword in the newspaper, or even playing Candy Crush (or whatever the new big game is) on your phone.
  6. Be selfish – ooh, selfish is such a marmite word. It has such negative connotations, doesn’t it? But sometimes we need to be selfish. I don’t mean that we live our lives with no consideration for others, but rather that we make ourselves a priority. Because if we don’t make ourselves a priority then we won’t be able to give the very best of ourselves to our loved ones. Be selfish with your time. If possible, carve out a block of time every day where you do something purely for you. And make it non-negotiable. For me, it’s going to the gym. It’s my time. And it has made so much difference to how I am with my family and friends.
  7. Routine – this is a step that works particularly well for me and is something I will write about in more depth soon, but having a daily routine has helped immeasurably. 
  8. Breathe – recently, if I start feeling like everything is getting on top of me, or if I’m starting to lose my way somewhat, I take a few minutes out to do some breathing exercises and to clear my mind. I’ve found the Headspace app to be really good for helping me to focus on the breathing. Even just five minutes of breathing exercises can make a big difference.

All of these steps have really helped me this year – I have gone from being in such a funk at the start of January to now feeling like I’ve regained most of the good bits of me that I really like, the bits that have been missing for a long time. I feel like I’ve got my mojo back at long last – and it feels good.

Have you felt like you’ve lost your mojo in the past? What steps did you take to help get it back? I’d love to know! xxx

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  1. 3rd May 2018 / 6:04 pm

    These are great tips and especially important for me now. I just found myself single after 3 years with a guy who was definitely on the toxic list. It’s been one of the hardest weeks of my life, but I think the 3 years was also hard, and i just didn’t want to acknowledge it.
    I’ve definitely lost my mojo at the moment. But i’m getting it back. Slowly but surely.
    Thanks for the advice <3
    Debs @ https://tiger-mint.com

    • Catherine
      4th May 2018 / 12:47 pm

      Thanks so much for your comment, and I’m so sorry you are going through a tough time right now – I hope things start to improve for you now that you are out of such a toxic situation. xxx

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