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6 Beautiful Weekly Spread Ideas for Your Bullet Journal

I’m currently in the process of planning out my bullet journal for 2018. I’m looking forward to starting with a fresh notebook on January 1st, and I plan on having the first few months set up and ready to go in advance. 

This year, in my current bullet journal, I have chopped and changed between using weekly layouts or just opting for dailies as and when I needed them – mainly on those weeks where I knew I was going to be very busy with work. 

And while I have really loved using dailies this year, when I did so I found myself occasionally missing my weekly layout too. I know, I know, I could have used both together but hey if I did that then it wouldn’t have given me the inspiration for this paragraph. 😉 

Next year though I have decided that I will use weekly spreads as standard, and dailies too when needed. I like the versatility of weekly spreads. There is so much you can incorporate into a weekly spread, such as habit trackers, should you wish to that is.

I’ve been looking for inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest and have put together a snapshot of some of some of my favourite weekly layouts. From calm, minimalist spreads through to the most glorious and ornately designed layouts – there are so many different styles that inspire. Every time I log into Instagram I know that I will be mesmerised, and filled with awe, at the images that so many talented bullet journalers choose to share. Here are 6 of my favourites:





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The sense of calm that washed over me when I saw Rita’s gorgeous weekly layout was like ahhhhhhh. Simple and efficient. And beautiful. Oh, so beautiful.



A post shared by Rhean (@bulletby_r) on

How pretty is Rhean’s weekly layout? Very pretty is the answer you are looking for.



Pretty! I really love how Liz uses one page for her daily todo’s and meal plan and then has her weekly goals on the other page.




A post shared by Nicole 🌸 (@bujo_blossoms) on

Nicole’s weekly is #goals. It probably has everything I want from a weekly, and she fits it all onto one page without it looking cluttered or jumbled in any way. 




A post shared by c l a i r e | (@minimal.plan) on

Claire’s weekly spread is perfection. Simple, elegant and precise. 




A post shared by Sara K (@art_by_sarak) on

And my final choice for the moment. How fun, and beautiful, is Sara’s weekly spread? I love it!


All of the designs above are, I feel, relatively minimalist in their function (even Sara’s stunning riot of colour!). With the exception of Nicole’s spread which incorporates a couple of small trackers too, most of the weekly’s have just one or two functions – todo list / meal planner / goals. 

It’s this type of weekly that I’m  currently veering towards for next years bullet journal. Something simple. Something calm. And if my weekly layout is even just a teenth as pretty to look at as the ones I’ve shared today then I will be very happy indeed.


I just want to say a big thank you to Rita, Rhean, Liz, Nicole, Claire, and Sara for letting me use their images for this post. 


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6 Beautiful Weekly Spread Ideas for Your Bullet Journal


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    Thanks Catherine, for the 6 amazing journal ideas!

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