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5 Of the Best Portable Toys for Kids on The Go

As parents, we are now choosing to take our kids far more places than previous generations have done. For this reason, our kids are becoming more flexible and adaptable, which is great. We take our kids to the hairdressers, to the nail salon, to fancy restaurants and even on long road-trips to foreign destinations.

Even though our children are becoming more used to accompanying us here and there, it is still important that we try to keep them calm and happy in the process. There are many toys and activities on the market that cater for travelling and here we share our top 5 (and not an iPad in sight!).

Foldable Scooters

Kids love scooters. There’s no denying it. Whether we are travelling afar or just heading off to Grandparents’ houses, foldable scooters are a fantastic option as they allow for quick and easy storage and transportation. Proline Skates offer a great range of kids scooters in a range of colours and styles, so you can keep your little one happy and active all at once.

Magnetic Puzzles

Magnetic jigsaws, puzzles and building blocks are a great option when you are out of the house with kids and are especially great when you are in a restaurant. The magnetic function means that there is much less dropping on the floor and much less risk of losing pieces or leaving them behind. From hooking wooden fishes to folding chess sets, there are many magnetic toys on the market to choose from.

Thinking Putty

Thinking Putty is a mouldable and shape-able substance that most kids love to get into their hands! This putty comes in a small portable tin and is available in many different colours and neon shades. It is non-toxic, odour free and doesn’t dry out, which means children can spend hours moulding it into different shapes and figures with no damage to their surroundings!

Mess-Free Colouring Books

If your kid loves colouring, then you will be used to pen marks on their clothes, your clothes and every other fabric around them. Thankfully, mess-free colouring solutions are now available, meaning that you can keep as stain-free as possible. Mess-free marker pens are filled with a special ink that only appears on the accompanying colouring books, which is great for kids as they think it’s magic! Great for car trips and days out.


Travel Trays

If you are setting off on a long journey, either by car, train or plane, then a kid’s travel tray could be a helpful solution. These travel trays usually have many compartments and holders to keep all toys and games together in one place, and offer a nice surface for kids to draw, colour, eat and play. Light and cost-effective, travel trays are a great addition to any road trip.

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