5 Driving Safety Tips You Need to Know

As a driver, you are responsible for keeping the roadways safe for yourself, passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, and anyone else who might be affected by road accidents. It’s the simple driving mistakes like not using turn signals or using your phone while driving that have claimed many lives on our roads. Whether you are an experienced driver or a learner, here are some of the key safety tips to keep in mind for a safer driving experience:


Always Wear Your Seat Belt

This is the most basic safety tip for all car occupants, plus its law. When worn properly, seat belts save lives. In case of a car crash, they prevent you and other passengers from being tossed around in the car or even thrown out through the windshield. You have a better chance of surviving a car crash if you are strapped in.

Clear Off Your Mirrors After a Snowfall

To ensure good visibility after a snowfall, car mirrors, windshield, head & tailgates, brake lights, license plate, windows, and the roof of the car should be completely cleared of snow or ice. Plus, when you drive off, a load of snow can land on vehicles behind you, causing damage or significant injury to others.


Store Unoccupied Child Booster Seats

When not in use, unoccupied child booster seats should be stored in the trunk or buckled in with a seat belt to prevent them from becoming projectiles during an accident, thereby causing harm.


Don’t Activate Cruise Control at Night

Cruise control is a great convenient feature that should only be used when you are alert and not late at night or when you’re tired. This feature allows you to pay less attention to the driving process. This reduced driver workload means your mind easily wanders, and if you fall asleep, you could easily crash your car at the speed set on the cruise control.


Keep Your Vehicle Safe

Driving a safe car greatly contributes to ensuring safety on the roadways. Regular tune-ups and maintenance are important as they catch car problems before they turn into major issues. Things like brake quality, which are checked during tune-ups, have a huge impact on safety. In addition, leased cars must also be kept in good working conditions for safety purposes. If you are looking to lease or hire a car, check out their blog for better deals.


Avoid Distractions

Every manner of distraction, be it manual, visual, or cognitive, must be avoided at all costs. There are several common driver distractions that you should avoid to ensure safety on the roads, including using electronic devices while driving, interacting with passengers, eating, and much more.


Practice Defensive Driving

It’s always safe to assume you are the only sane person on the roads. That way, you can avoid anything crazy on the road, anticipate dangerous situations, and make quick decisions. Defensive driving also includes knowing how to avoid road rage. Certain road rage behaviours like tailgating, flashing headlights out of frustration, or using rude gestures/language, aren’t just annoying but dangerous as well.

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