5 cheap and fun things to do this weekend

Christmas is on the way, and when the festive season hits our weekends are going to be filled with Christmas shopping, endless trips to the supermarket, writing Christmas cards, spending time with friends and visiting family before the big day. I love weekend breaks but not everyone has the budget in the run-up to Christmas so before your weekends are lost within piles of tinsel, wrapping paper and organised chaos why not fill your weekends with some super fun, super cheap activities that everyone can enjoy?

Here are some easy ideas to get you started.

Watch the sunset

Sometimes it feels like the sun can’t be bothered to make an appearance during the later months of the year, but on those rare occasions that the sun does shine you can make the effort to watch it set again. Sunsets in late autumn/early winter are truly spectacular and it usually takes place around 4pm. So, why not make an afternoon of it, head somewhere with a good vantage point and take a flask of hot chocolate along too. The kids will love the trip in the car, or you and your S.O can just enjoy each other’s company.

Hot chocolate in a santa mug

Have a yard get together

Who says backyard get-togethers are just for summer? Autumn is the best time of year for bonfires so why not get one burning or build a firepit instead? Invite friends and family to toast marshmallows, enjoy hot chocolate or have some chilli cooking away in your slow cooker or even some baked potatoes with delicious fillings to keep everyone warm. When things get a little too cold, bring everyone inside and play some games.

Do something touristy

When was the last time you visited a popular tourist spot in your local area? You might argue that you went there as a kid and found it pretty dull, but you’ll never know how much something has changed until you go there as an adult. A museum, a local animal park, or a place of natural beauty. Take a picnic and make a day of it. It’ll get you out of the house!

Go to the library

Libraries these days aren’t just full of dusty old volumes and people hissing at you to be quiet. They’re places for the community to come together and enjoy arts and crafts, learn something new and meet new friends. You can head to your local library and pour over some new books to take home or see what activities and events they have coming up and make plans to take part. Get the kids involved too to keep their weekends busy in the run-up to Christmas.


The end of the year will be here before you know it. So, why not begin with a clean slate? Start to declutter your home now and you’ll feel like a new person in time for the new year. You can also donate your old or unwanted clothes to charity and do a good deed while you’re at it! 


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