4 Reasons Why We Love Autumn

Remember those days where we headed outside and didn’t even have to take our coat with us? Or remember when we didn’t really pay much attention to the weather forecast because we knew the weather was going to be warm and on our side? Well, now we’ve rolled into October, the summer seems like it was just a dream. But don’t worry if you’re feeling a little blue now that those sunny, everlasting days of summer are long gone. There’s still lots to look forward to in what is arguably the best season of the year – Autumn!

Don’t believe me? Read on for 4 reasons why we love Autumn.

Nature in all its glory

We all love the dappled shade that the trees, heavily laden with leaves provide on those long summer days (check out The Tree Center for planting and maintenance advice), the beautifully scented flowers and the long days spent playing on the freshly mown lawn – it’s what summer is all about. But when Autumn comes around, you’ve got a seat to the best show in town. The changing of the leaves, the incredible colours we can see everywhere, even animals getting busy to hibernate. It’s a magical time of year!

The fashion

In the summer, what we wear is dictated by the temperature, which usually means it’s all about keeping cool and showing as much skin as we’re comfortable with. But with Autumn comes Sweater Weather! Beautiful layering, chunky knits, gorgeous accessories like gloves, scarves and of course big chunky boots, colourful tights and fluffy coats. Go on, head to the back of your wardrobe and dig out your Autumn favourites or treat yourself to something new!

The food

Forget that light summer salad and all those calorie conscious desserts – Autumn is here, so you can fully embrace everything that this season has to offer. From all the new season vegetables like butternut squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and more, to warm soups with chunky, homemade bread rolls, and something sweet like pecan pies and home-baked apple pies – not forgetting a pumpkin spiced latte or two! Autumn is all about comfort food, so try something new and don’t forget to have plenty of it!

Family days

Just because Summer is gone doesn’t mean you can’t still fill your weekends with fun-filled family activities. On those drier days you can head out on nature walks, head to Autumn festivals, and don’t forget to check out family attractions like Country Halls and Estates, petting zoos and other attractions, they might have discounted entry rates now that summer is over.

And on those wetter, colder days, there’s still plenty of fun to have indoors. TV and movie marathons, hot chocolates and afternoons filled with baking. You could even make a start on your Christmas shopping!

Autumn is a season of change, but there’s so much to see and do – you might be busier than you were during the summer!


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