18 for 2018

18 for 2018

You may have already seen a few 18 for 2018 posts doing the rounds – or some variations of them. They are a type of wish list/goal setting post with people picking the 18 (duh) things or goals they want to achieve this year.

A few days ago (okay, it was last week – I’m not known for my sense of urgency) my lovely friend Hannah tagged me to take part so here I am, fashionably late as ever, with my 18 goals for the year ahead.

18 for 2018

  1. Lose weight – we’ll just get the obvious one out of the way, shall we? 
  2. Go to a blog conference – I had tickets and a hotel booked for last September’s BlogOn but, for various reasons, ended up having to cancel. I was so looking forward to meeting up with friends and learning some new skills but, alas, it just wasn’t meant to be. This year, however, I am determined to go to at least one Blogging conference.
  3. Declutter – this is something I’ve spoken about before but I really must take action on this in 2018, otherwise, I fear my house may cave in under the junk. We have so much stuff – much of it no longer used – and I would really like to just get rid of as much as possible.
  4. Exercise – goes hand in hand with the weight loss. I actually joined the gym last November and had my induction session. The next day I decided to move some furniture and promptly put my back out. My doctor has just given the all clear for me to start exercising again, so I have just booked my next session with my instructor.18 for 2018 - notebook
  5. Organise my time better – being freelance is amazing, and not having set working hours is one of the things that make it amazing. But, this year I want to give myself proper office hours. I went freelance when my maternity leave ended because I wanted to spend as much time with the children as possible, but at the moment I find that I am working at weekends and when they come home from school quite a bit. The plan is to organise my time better so that I stop work at 3 pm each day and either don’t work again that day, or maybe do a little once the kids have gone to bed. I would also like to not work at all at weekends if at all possible. 
  6. Do things with the kids rather than BUY things for the kids – I feel as if last year we didn’t do a great deal as a family. We became consumers rather than adventurers. We had a few nice days out, and a short, local holiday, but not as many as I would have liked. This year the plan is to go on as many adventures as possible – even if that adventure is just a really nice walk in the woods.
  7. Decorate the house – The majority of the house is in desperate need of some TLC. Most of the rooms could do with a decent lick of paint. The Hallway and landing are first on the list.
  8. Spend more time with family – I live only a few miles from my sister yet we barely see each other. In fact, I’m not actually sure if we met up at all in 2017. We have made plans to meet up soon though, so progress is already being made on this goal!
  9. Spend more time with my friends – I have a very small group of friends but I don’t get the opportunity to meet up with them all that often. I would like to change that this year.
  10. Get my hair cut – regular readers will know that I cut my own hair, and have done so for the past 5 years. I do an okay job of cutting my own hair, but it would be nice to have it done professionally again… even if the stylist will tsk and mutter something under her breath about the state of my split ends.
  11. Read more – I mentioned in last weeks Little Loves post that I had signed up to Good Reads. I’ve set myself the challenge of reading a minimum of 12 books this year. Hopefully, I will smash that amount quite easily!
  12. Save for an emergency buffer fund – I read a newspaper article last year that said “most people are only one paycheck away from homelessness” and realised that we come under that group of people. We’ve never been the best when it comes to saving, so this year we are all about putting money to one side for that emergency buffer fund.
  13. Go out on more dates.  – With my husband that is! 
  14. Buy less or buy 2nd hand – This is specifically when it comes to clothes. Unless it’s essential items, such as underwear, then my aim this year is to try to always buy 2nd hand if possible. 
  15. Cook more – my favourite pastime is cooking but  I don’t feel like I cooked as much as usual (aside from our everyday meals). This year I would like to make a point of spending more time in the kitchen.18 for 2018 camera
  16. Look after my skin – a skincare regime is much needed and long overdue. I’ve got crows feet on my crows feet. 
  17. Drink less wine – I love wine. There’s nothing I love more than a glass of a rich bodied red. Unfortunately, I can’t have just one glass. Normally we would put away 3 or 4 bottles over the course of the weekend but we are ten days into the New Year and I haven’t had a single glass of wine in 2018. I’m not doing Dry January though – I’ve had a couple of G&T’s and really enjoyed them. I will have a wine soon, but the plan is to drink less of it.
  18. Be kinder to myself – my final goal. I’ve not been particularly kind to myself over the years and I’m starting to suffer for it physically and mentally. This year I plan to look after myself a bit better – make a little more time just for me, even though to me it feels incredibly selfish.


So there we are – my 18 for 2018. It will be interesting to revisit this post at the end of the year and review how I got on. Have you set any goals for the year ahead? I’d love to know!


I’m tagging Elizabeth from The Homemakers Journal to join in with 18 for 2018



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