One of the things I have always loved about Christmas is giving gifts to my loved ones. But, until recently, I was that person running around on Christmas Eve dashing in and out of shops grabbing presents at the last minute. When it came to wrapping them I would invariably… View Post

Thia week’s Bloggers Spotify Playlist is a pretty joyous affair – it’s upbeat, happy (quite literally in the case of one song), and it’s designed to make you smile. It’s a perfect playlist for a grey day. Here’s Nina from Ready For A Cuppa to tell you more… Bloggers Spotify… View Post

Today is World Diabetes Day, and I mentioned last week that I would be publishing a special Bloggers Spotify Playlist to mark the day. This playlist has been curated by Rachel Good whose son has Type 1 Diabetes. Here’s Rachel to tell you more about her story, and her playlist…… View Post

Well, this has been a bit of an odd and depressing week for the world, hasn’t it (unless of course, you are someone who voted for Trump)? I don’t think I’ve still quite processed the implications of what happened. 2016 is not turning out to be a good year politically. But… View Post