Hi, my name is Catherine and I have an addiction to planners. There, I’ve finally admitted it. If there was a ‘Planner Adicts Anonymous’ group, with its own twelve step programme I most likely would be attending on a weekly basis. I have planners that come in all shapes and forms… View Post

Welcome back to Bloggers Spotify Playlist – a fortnightly series where bloggers put together a playlist of their favourite tracks and tell us a little about what those songs mean to them. This week’s playlist comes from Lucinda, otherwise known as The London Mummy… What is the name you have… View Post

Pre kiddies, I feel like I was quite adventurous when it came watching films. Okay, when I say adventurous I mean that I was reasonably open to watching most types and genres of films. With the exception a horror movie. That’s just not going to happen. Ever.  But then the kiddies… View Post

For Brits, and particularly members of Generation Y and millennials, one of the greatest challenges that we face is the ability to make the leap onto the housing ladder. Owning one’s own home is an understandable dream, and there aren’t many better feelings than being handed the keys to your… View Post